George D Pappas was a gift from God,

“George was kind enough to take on my case pro-Bono because of a situation I had ongoing. He was the best most sincere Attorney I have ever met in my life. On top of that, he was a perfectionist at his job with made me adhere to a high standard and this, In the end, was why George did an immaculate job in helping me get a successful result in moving on with my life.

I will always be indebted to his brilliant service but his kindness and sincerer approach I have never met somebody better. He is not only a brilliant Attorney but more than that he is a class act as a human being.”

- Brendan O’Neill

Amazing and Helpful Lawyer!

“My name is V. Carrillo. I want everybody to know if it wasn’t for Attorney George Pappas my husband will be in Mexico by now. Supposedly my husband had a deportation order but thanks to Mr. Pappas he is now a legal resident alien because of his knowledge and compassion for others. He is now here with his family. Mr. Pappas is a GREAT lawyer, he believes in the law but he also believes that family should be together. If you have any problems and would like a great lawyer you can always go to him for help. He will tell you the information straight to you if he can help or not. Not like other lawyers that take money first and not help at all. Give him a call!”

- Veronica Carrillo

A Great Lawyer

“I was about to be deported and I was in an immigration detention center when a family member contacted Mr. Pappas. He worked really hard on my case and he treated the case as if it was the case of a family member. That is something that I had never experienced with any other lawyer. He was able to get me my green card fighting at the immigration court and for that I am very grateful. I highly recommend Mr. Pappas.”

- Juan

You are in great hands with this lawyer ! Do not gamble – George is the best

“George is a great communicator. He handled our situation from A to Z every detail. He explained everything clearly along the way. He has great knowledge and experience. His advice is solid as granite, his integrity is solid as a diamond. You are in great hands with George, and by the way, he's a pleasure to deal with, like an old friend.”

- Carl Marangoudakis