George D. Pappas

Our philosophy:

To provide zealous representation for our immigration clients.

Immigrants represent one of the best assets for our society, and unlike most other countries in the world, the United States has one of the best track records for accepting and assimilating new immigrants. Our system is not perfect not by a long shot, but compared to what I have witnessed in other countries, the United States still provides a relatively superior option for new immigrants who are willing to work and contribute to our society. Still, the U.S. immigration system remains a political football driven by misinformation and prejudice, and I believe that through education in our schools, government and the media, more people will come to understand the tremendous contributions that new immigrants can and do make to our society.


What we Do:

Help Our Clients Reach Their Goals.

Dr. Pappas has represented clients on immigration matters from naturalization, deportation/removal proceedings, immigration waivers, appeals, and adjustment of status for family and employment based visa holders.

If you require assistance with US Immigration law or regulations and would like Attorney George Pappas to review your matter, then please schedule a consultation.


Our Impact

I care about my client’s matters by listening to their needs. I am honest and serious about my client goals and whether those goals can be realistically achieved. Clients will receive honest and frank assessments from me regarding their matters based on the information supplied to me.



Million immigrants

resided in the United States in 2017.



years old

Is the median age of the immigration population.



of 39 million immigrants have a bachelors degree or higher

Compared to 32% of U.S. born adults.


All statistics were found from an article titled, “Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States,” by By Jie Zong, Jeanne Batalova, and Micayla Burrows via the Migration Policy Institute.



“I was about to be deported and I was in an immigration detention center when a family member contacted Mr. Pappas. He worked really hard on my case and he treated the case as if it was the case of a family member. That is something that I had never experienced with any other lawyer. He was able to get me my green card fighting at the immigration court and for that I am very grateful. I highly recommend Mr. Pappas.”

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